Japanese Epson Printers and Linux

Got a new printer. The previous one (Brother) was good, but the drawback of all ink-jet printers is that after years of use, print quality drops with noozles not working anymore despite extensive cleaning.

So it was time for a new one. This time it's an Epson again: Epson PX-M780F, which looks like the US model Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4730. This is important for several reasons:

  1. The Japanese and US/EU models usually have different names
  2. There are no Japanese drivers findable by me on the Japanese web page. Drivers are usually limited to Windows or MacOS
  3. The US site does have Linux listed
  4. The US drivers work fine on Japanese printers from experience

This time again I could install the US drivers from here. A simple and good and working instructions are here.

Interestingly the CUPS driver does list the Japanese printer names. And needless to say: it works and the printer is incredibly fast (compared to the previous one).

Update: Turns out that the Japanese page after all shows the Linux drivers here, which points to the same download page as above, except in Japanese. And you can find the Japanese printer name too. As expected, it's a single driver which covers a lot of Epson printers and a lot of languages.