Mar 192011
Nintendo 3DS

With all those earthquakes and tsunami and resulting nuclear power plants breaking, our family felt we have to actively support the japanese economy. It is also possible that the main reason I bought an Nintendo 3DS was that I happened to be in a shop which had them in stock.

And I have to say: it is great fun from the start. 3D photos, although low resolution (I would say VGA quality) look fine. The 3D effect is ok and can easily be turned off. The built-in software is fun for some hours. And the AR (augmented reality) games are fun. Well done. Certainly beats the DS when it came out. The built in software was good for 30min max.

The bad: Just like the japanese Wii, this 3DS is very japanese. No English anywhere, or any other language. The Internet Browser seems to not work either. Might be updated later.

Still a good buy I’d day.

Now if I had some decent games…in not-exclusively-japanese versions please…