Dec 262011
Motorola Milestone 2 and Gingerbread!

Unbelievable, but my Milestone 2 has received its update to Android 2.3 AKA Gingerbread. When I bought it with Android 2.2 (Froyo) I though “Surely Motorola will bring out an update as soon as they can, as it will create brand loyality if the company shows after-sales support, so people will want to buy Motorola again.” Well, that turned out to be nonsense and Motorola did not even commit to any updates. I gave up all hope, but for fun I checked, and lo-and-behold: There’s an update available here.

Worked fine. Have patience and follow the instructions. There are 2 times when you think “now it crashed”, but it’s not. The full process takes about 20 min. Afterwards no loss of data (in my case), except my Bluetooth headset wanted to be authorized again. Everything is snappier now and looks better at the same time. It’s a worthy update and if it had some 6 months ago and announced when Gingerbread came out, it would have made me a Motorola fan.

That being said, Samsung is not better. So I guess the next phone or tablet will be a Nexus.

Dec 102011
RC Helicopter Fun

It looked like fun to do and it turned out to be a lot of fun: flying a remote controlled helicopter. The are hard to control, and if you lose control, they break easily.

Having seen that and ignoring the crashing part, it still looked like fun. And smaller RC heli’s don’t break so easily anymore, and with gyros built-in nowadays, they are reasonably stable to fly. And the very small ones (like 20cm rotor diameter)  are so light, if they fall on the floor, they don’t damage anything severely and don’t get damaged.

I got mine from (look for the HK-190 for surprisingly cheap US$30). It’s certainly not high end and not collective pitch, but at that price, who’s to complain? Get some extra batteries (the 160mAh Turnigy are ok).

It’s as much fun as I expected!

Lots of resources available on the web. Example is and and and there are many more.