Feb 042012
Powidl und Pflaumenknödel und andere Leckereien

Gestern hat mein Sohnemann Hefeteigbrötchen gebacken um etwas über Hefe und Brot zu lernen. Ich habe etwas Hefeteil weggenommen und anstatt es im Ofen zu backen, in einen Topf mit Wasser gegeben um daraufs Germnknödel mit Vanillesosse zu machen. War lecker, aber etwas zu lange gekocht.

Egal, ich bin auf den Geschmack gekommen und möchte mehr von dem machen was meine Oma gekocht hat: Leckereien (viele aus Böhmen) wie:

Weia, ich kriech Hunger…


Oct 242009
Food Stuff

For those lucky ones living in Japan and liking sweets (I count me double lucky in this case), here an interesting blog to read.

For those able to read German, here here a web page to read about how companies use basically false advertising. Not breaking any laws, but clearly misleading. Examples:  Philadephia Cream Cheese with Tomato and Pesto. Lots of pictures of tomatoes on the package. However it contains a full 0.4% dried tomatos. And Basil-processed-cheese-paste, no pesto. Or Bertolli Pesto Verde, which is supposed to be made from Basil, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, pine seeds, garlic and salt. All those are in there, but in small amounts (in case of olive oil and pine seeds 2-2.5%). A traditional recipe I found contains 50g pine seeds, 100g cheese, 180ml olive oil, and basil leaves and salt. The one from Bertolli contains cheaper substitutes: plain plant oil and cashew nuts. Lactic acid is added to make it possible to add no further preservatives, thus stating “without preservatives” as lactic acid does not count in a legal sense as such. Fun and educational to read about how marketing and advertising exaggerate and leave out unpopular facts.

Feb 062008
Unsolicited Review - Bread Knife

I know. Completely non-electronic. Not even electric. But, hey, it instantly doubles the amount of articles on this blog. And I was quite surprised finding such a good bread knife in a country where bread is more pre-sliced toast than bread. You can find good bread in Japan and it’s the reason we bought this one. No point in trying to cut pre-sliced toast…

Here is a full picture of it:

The Bready Bread Knife

So why do I write about a bread knife? Because I have never found a better one. It’s smooth, cutting through bread of any type, it’s non-sticky and goes back to its shiny state by simple wiping with a cloth, and it’s long enough for non-standard size bread. It’s pretty perfect.

If you would like to know the brand name I will have to disappoint you: I do not know. We did not keep the packaging. We bought it at our local super market, which won’t help anyone unless you live near our house.

Update: The company’s name is KAI: http://www.kai-group.com/